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The Purpose of Psychotherapy is

To Set People Free



At The Niagara Centre for Healing & Recovery, we partner with clients as they rediscover hope and rewrite their stories. Through the lens of relational therapy and interpersonal neurobiology, we pride ourselves in creating an environment of safety and attunement.  With a focus on trauma and addictive processes, we compassionately invite clients to embark on their own personal journey of healing and recovery.

You are seen. You belong. And all parts of you are welcome here.

Katherine Castello, Therapist

Specializing in Complex Trauma, Sexual Recovery, and Partner Betrayal


Internal Family Systems therapy (IFS) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR) lead the field in the neurobiological treatment of trauma and the somatic release of stress disease. While talk therapy re-traumatizes, trauma processing therapies restore power and hope.

Sexual Recovery

Our clinic specializes in the intricacies of sexual recovery. The continuum of addictive processes spans from sexual anorexia to overt addictions such as porn, masturbation, love, or casual and cyber sex. In addition, we support partners of sexual betrayal through a trauma-focused lens.

Betrayal Trauma

Amidst the darkness of betrayal trauma, there is hope—for healing, resilience, and the possibility of rebuilding trust in oneself and others. With time, support, and self-compassion, those who have experienced betrayal trauma can find healing and reclaim their sense of power and joy.

Financial Disorders

We don't fight about money. We fight about what money represents. Workaholism, under-earning, and over-spending all unveil how finances reflect our emotional health and view of Self. Create a new relationship with your finances, despite the trauma you carry, and discover your Self-worth.

Faith & Spirituality

Fundamental aspects of recovery have been lost due to cultural values of individualism, only magnified by the rampant presence of spiritual abuse. The truth is, we cannot thrive disconnected from our spirit. Explore your faith and spirituality in a safe place, on your terms.

Alternative Therapies

New dimensions of trauma reprocessing include the incorporation of group therapy, the integration of plant medicines (otherwise known as psychedelics), trauma release exercises, and the support of equine therapy to strengthen principles of presence, Self-care, and somatic healing.

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